October 30, 2013

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Dog’s owners want to press charges; Police say no criminal charges have been filed

TOWN OF ROME, Wis. – A couple in Adams County said neighboring hunters shot down their dog with a bow and arrow.

Now, their story and their message are reaching people across the globe.

Tanya Meyer and her husband, Chris, said their 1-year-old lab mix, Zoey, went missing Friday morning.

After calling her multiple times, Tanya said she had a feeling something had happened to her puppy, who didn’t tend to wander from the family’s 4 acres.

On Sunday, Chris called Tanya with the news. He found the dog’s body on a neighbor’s property in the 400 block of 16th Avenue.

“He calls me and he goes, ‘I found her.’ And I’m like, ‘where?’ And he’s like, ‘it’s not good,’” Tanya said. “And I said, ‘not good? Why? What happened?’ And then he’s like, ‘the cops have been notified.’ He goes, ‘It’s under their tree stand.’”

Chris was talking about their neighbors who told them they had just shooed away the dogs.

Town of Rome police confirmed Zoey died of an arrow wound.

Tanya said that arrow went through her neck and into her chest. She said Zoey was found about 15 feet from the tree stand where she thinks those neighbors were hunting from.

“She was laying there all weekend long just under their tree stand,” Tanya said.

The Meyers plan on pressing charges.

Town of Rome investigators are working with Adams County deputies to look into this case, but no criminal charges have been filed.


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