December 23, 2013


ANTELOPE ISLAND — Crews rescued a man who fell through the ice near Antelope Island Monday morning.

Three friends were duck hunting when one of them, Davis County resident William Ray Lewis, 20, and his dog Hope fell through the ice, Utah State Parks Lt. Eric Stucki said.

The dog ran out to retrieve a bird that one of the friends shot, when it fell through the ice. Lewis went out to retrieve the dog and fell through the ice as well, said Lewis’ father, Bill Lewis.

The dog was able to break the ice and make its way over to Lewis, Stucki said. He was then able to lift Hope out of the water.

Lewis was in the water for five to 10 minutes before the ranger reached him, his father said, and for about 30 minutes before the ranger pulled him out of the water.

Stucki estimated that the water’s temperature was around 29 degrees. Bill Lewis said his son’s body temperature dropped to 95 degrees.

“He should be quite well. He’s just quite hypothermic being in the cold water and then the colder day today that it is,” Stucki said.


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