June 19, 2013

By Tim Hudson, Examiner-Enterprise.com

A Bartlesville man has pleaded “no contest” to what prosecutors are calling one of the largest amounts totaled in wildlife citations ever given to one person in Washington County history.

Joseph Dewayne Harris Jr., 23, pleaded no contest Tuesday to 46 tickets — totaling a reported $14,000 — for multiple counts of hunting without a license, hunting deer without a license, unlawfully possessing wildlife not legally taken, exceeding the season bag limit of antlered deer, hunting turkey without a license, failure to check wildlife at check station, hunting spring turkey season by unlawful means, unlawfully baiting turkeys and exceeding the season limit on turkeys.

Harris was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $7,500 and must forfeit some of his hunting equipment.

“We think this had been going on from 2008 until now. We were able to document him with 108 infractions,” County Wildlife officer Joe Alexander said, adding that, ultimately, Harris was charged with mostly 2012 and a few 2011 infractions.

Harris “apparently shot most of these turkeys with an assault rifle, an AR-15.”


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