February 5, 2018

From Fox5Vegas.com

A dog suffered serious injuries after being caught in a leg trap near a popular trail, according to a witness who was hiking near the area.

Brandon Kennedy said he hikes at Little Red Rock once or twice a month. Little Red Rock is an area north of Red Rock Canyon, that boasts trails and unique rock formations.

But while Kennedy was hiking with friends on Friday, he heard screaming.

“Almost like bloody murder,” Kennedy said.

He said the screams were coming from a couple hiking nearby, and when he went to help them, he found a dog severely injured after it’s leg was caught in a trap set up near the trail.

“Their dog went over into a bush to go to the bathroom and then ended up stepping right into the trap and it closed on him,” Kennedy said. “The pup broke some teeth trying to get the trap off it because it went down on its leg.”

Trapping is legal in Nevada, as long as the person setting the trap has a license and follows a list of regulations. On its website, the Nevada Department of Wildlife advises trappers to “be considerate of those who enjoy the outdoors,” and to “avoid setting traps near neighborhoods or along trails frequented by others.” Kennedy said in this case, the trapper ignored that advice.

“It was right where you would hike up onto the rocks. That trap was not in the right area where it should have been,” Kennedy said. “People are going up there for the serenity of nature and not really paying attention, but now, it’s crazy. You really have to have your eyes open.”


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