October 8, 2017

From VOCM.com

A hunter on the Burin Peninsula is in good spirits after being attacked by a moose this weekend.

Rodney Buffett and his friends were hunting near Grand Bank yesterday when Buffett spotted a huge bull.

Buffett’s friend, Chris Caines, says Buffett did what a hunter does. Buffett went after the moose and dropped it with a gunshot. He says when Buffet went up to see if it was dead, he turned around for a moment and the moose popped up, charged at him, and sent him flying through the air.

While Caines and the rest of the party tended to Buffett, the moose ran off.

Buffett was airlifted to hospital in St. John’s, treated and released a short time later. Caines says Buffett is staying with his sister. He is in good spirits, despite not bagging his moose.


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