December 27, 2018


A couple is grieving the loss of their pet cat who suffered a terrible death after being shot with an arrow, and a rescue group has offered a reward for information leading to the arrest in the case.

The couple found their cat, Little Cutie, lying on the grass in a spot of sun Nov. 21, when they realized she had been shot with a hunting arrow.

A release from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue said: “The arrow, which had entered through her rear leg, pierced her upper body as she scrambled to get away and disemboweled her. Despite managing to crawl back to her home, desperate for help, her injuries were too devastating for her to recover from.”

The owners were forced to put the cat down.

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident, but deputies were unable to identify a suspect.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is asking for tips from the public for help identifying the person or persons responsible for the cat’s death and is offering a $1,500 reward for information that leads to arrest and conviction.

“The cold-bloodedness of this crime indicates what a danger this person is to all of us,” says Eric Phelps, field operations manager for Brother Wolf. “Someone knows who did this, and they will be doing a service to the community by stepping forward.”

Phelps said the FBI and other law enforcement agencies agree that people who commit acts of cruelty against animals are “probably just warming up,” referencing studies showing that unpunished violence to animals often leads to violence toward people.

Anyone with information Is asked to call 828-301-3377. Callers may remain anonymous and all tops will remain confidential.

Anyone who would like to contribute to the reward fund can call 828-808-9435.


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