March 14, 2013


Three Butte area men pleaded guilty in Jefferson County Justice Court late last week to charges stemming from a November 18 hunting incident in Aspen Valley Estates near Boulder.

John Foley, Michael Hoar, and Edmund McSweeney (along with a 15-year-old
hunter) pursued a group of elk with a vehicle, trespassed through one property, and located the group of elk on another property. They began shooting into the herd from the road and continued firing while moving onto private property. One cow elk was killed, and at least three other cow elk were wounded. Two of the wounded elk were taken by hunters later that day.

No one in the group had the required license to hunt cow elk in the hunting district (HD 380), nor did they have permission from the private landowners.
Each pled guilty to Hunting without License and Unlawful Possession of a Game Animal.

Each man was fined $1,070. John Foley was also ordered to pay restitution of $1,000. He also lost his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for 48 months. Both Michael Hoar and Edmund McSweeney lost their hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for 48 months. The 15-year-old was not charged.


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