September 1, 2018

From Brian Broom,

A party of alligator hunters was rescued Saturday morning after a boating accident on the Mississippi River near Natchez.

“MDWFP (Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks) officers were notified at approximately 4:30 a.m. that a vessel with alligator hunters had been involved in a single-vessel boating accident near Natchez in the Mississippi River and the motor was on fire and there were multiple injuries,” said Ricky Flynt, MDWFP Alligator Program coordinator. “MDWFP officers responded from Natchez and were able to recover all six occupants.

“The accident occurred in Louisiana waters. MDWFP rescued and transported (them) about two miles to a location on the Louisiana shore and released (them) to the local Louisiana sheriff’s department and medical care.”

According to Flynt, the cause of the accident appears to be the result of the boat colliding with a rock dike. Both the motor and hull were damaged and the boat eventually sunk.

“Fortunately, all occupants were wearing life jackets at the time of the accident,” Flynt said. “None of the injuries appear to be life-threatening.

“We are extremely relieved in the outcome of this unfortunate accident and that all occupants were safely recovered. It could have been much, much worse.”

Because the accident occurred in Louisiana waters, Flynt said the investigation is not under MDWFP authority.

Alligator hunting season on public waters began on Friday at noon and continues through noon, Sept. 10.


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