From Dava Dovey,

January 1, 2018

This Christmas was nearly Dave Quiser’s last: The 72-year-old got lost while hunting grouse and was stranded overnight as the temperature dropped to 30 degrees below zero. Luckily, his will to live and some impressive survival skills allowed the hunter to welcome in yet another new year.

Quiser, a retired sheriff, decided to spend Christmas morning hunting near his home in Cook, Minnesota. Not long into the trip, the 72-year-old’s car got stuck. Without a phone or any other way to alert anyone of his situation, Quiser was forced to brave the freezing night on his own, CBS Minnesota reported.

That night, temperatures dropped far below zero as the retiree stayed inside his truck in an effort to stay warm, local media outlet Kare 11 reported. The hunter survived the night, and then morning brought its own problems. Although Quiser was only a few miles from help, the 72-year old suffers from severe emphysema and has trouble walking more than a mile or so. But he had no choice, as it was likely no one would be looking for him in the remote area where he became stranded and the temperatures showed no signs of rising anytime soon.

“I’ve got a father and a brother, both deceased. I called upon them both for strength,” Quiser told CBS.


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