WORCESTER, MA (WCVB/CNN) – A couple in Massachusetts wants to know who shot hunting arrows at their home.

They found one of the sharp projectiles in the roof, while a second was on the deck and a third was in the grass in their backyard.

Retirees Accurzio and Loretta Sclafani feel targeted after arrows hit their home Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“It was right like, two feet in front of the cupola,” Loretta Sclafani said. “So, I’m thinking these kids – maybe kids – and they’re trying to target. Maybe that’s a target. You know there’s the cupola and the chicken up there, maybe they’re trying to, I don’t know.”

Accurzio Sclafani is convinced they are hunting arrows.

“That’s what they use for deer, even bear,” he said.

Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst with Worcester police said they are going into the neighborhoods to figure out if its kid playing or something more sinister.

“It’s simply bizarre and definitely dangerous,” Accurzio Sclafani said. “I’m worried more about my granddaughter coming over and I have nieces.”

Police call this an isolated incident but asked anyone with information about the arrows to call the Worcester department.

“This is crazy. This shouldn’t have happened,” Loretta Sclafani said. “And I mean who would expect to have an arrow on your roof? No one’s trying to kill me – I don’t think.”



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