Youth Hunting – Teaching Savagery Should Be Considered Child Abuse

Here are the words of the father following
his son’s killing of the little deer:

Just got the time to get back on this computer and give you an update from Big Oaks Youth Hunt 2007 this past Sat. 11/3/07. We hunted all day from a ground blind in the middle of big thicket with multiple trails cutting across it. All we saw in the AM was about 30 turkeys that put on a great fall show for Hunter and I. They had us laughing so hard we were crying in that ground blind. [Editor’s note: Were they drunk? – Hunters and Dad, that is.]

Then with the sun setting in the PM we had about 10 minutes of hunting time left and I told Hunter we had to pack up and head out to check out. This was about 6:10PM, when all of the sudden Hunter said dad, I see a deer out about 70 yards in front of us and she is coming our way. I told him let’s get your shooting stix up and get your muzzleloader ready and see what she if she will come into your range. As luck would have it, she (button buck) walked right to 50 yards of Hunter, straight away and perfect broadside.

I told him to pick a spot and aim small, miss small. Squeeze the trigger and let it be surprise and he did! She only went 10-steps and fell over and he had his second deer of the year. We both were high fiving and carrying on like to kid’s! What a wonderful day spent with my best hunting buddy. When we checked out at about 7:15pm, they had checked in 15 deer, not bad for 150 youth hunters for the day.

Editor’s Note:

In a sane world, teaching a child to kill animals for fun would be considered a terrible form of child and animal abuse. This father has taught that killing is fun and animals’ lives are “funny.” This is all the more obscene because the finale of the hilarity is to blow their brains out.

Hunting Is Dangerous…
Especially for the wildlife, but hunters shoot each other and themselves all the time.Please visit the C.A.S.H. WEBSITE AND LOOK AT THE SITE’S MOST POPULAR SECTION: The Accident reports are sleuthed by C.A.S.H. VP, Joe Miele. Joe reports that since the last issue of the C.A.S.H. Courier, there have been 38 accidents posted to the database,14 were fatal, 7 victimized kids 18 or younger,6 were self-inflicted. This is by no means the actual total that occurred, they are just what we easily uncovered.


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