Yet More Impact From Hunting

Post Sent by Susan Gordon


Hunting season is about to begin, and the hunters are prepping their dogs by letting them run.  Some of these hunters don’t ID or radio their dogs, so these dogs are starting to end up at the pound.  We have two that are “past due” at the pound, and one that is “due” tomorrow.  The two have had boarding paid for tonight, but with all the hunting dogs coming in, the pound will run out of space very shortly.  These dogs are willing and ready to quit the hunting life and become household pets.  All three dogs are on borrowed time.  Please call the Clinic/Pound ASAP to rescue one of these great dogs at 804-769-3200.  They are open until 8pm tonight, and will be open from 8am-6pm on Thursday.

URGENT!!!!! KQ5046- This is a fox-hound mix, a lady in need of a rescue. She is rather thin at 30lbs, but is only about 1 year old. She has beautiful markings and will make a great pet! PAST DUE!! Just one doggie of so many.

Sent by: King William Veterinary Clinic/Pound Update, 1242 Sharon Road, King William, VA 23086, 804-769-3200, November 1st, 2006


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