World Class Wildlife Management?? Are These Guys For Real???

This was sent to us by Natalie Jarnstedt who works diligently on behalf of wildlife and domestic animals. Natalie was able to rescue a goose who appeared to be crippled and could hardly move. What she found is shocking! This was probably heralded in fish and wildlife journals as high waterfowl management!

Natalie wrote: It turns out that the goose wasn’t impaled, as we thought!  DEP had attached a rather large transmitter, with a 12″ antenna to this poor goose using glue and string.  The transmitter was probably once glued to the animal’s back and tied like a harness around the body.


Trouble is the glue detached (or the bird is molting) and the whole apparatus pivoted down to rest on his thigh, causing a limp, while the antenna routinely hit the ground and/or became caught up on aquatic vegetation and bushes in the park. At first, it almost looked like an arrow!


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