Working Toward a Trapping Ban in New Paltz

We received a call from a friend of Sadie’s to say that trapping was going on at a property that was set to be developed. He said that beavers and a dog had been killed. As we suspected, the trapping was being carried out legally under a nuisance permit. Later, the developer actually admitted that he killed the beavers to dry up his wetland so it could be used for development.

How sad that he didn’t think twice about killing the eight beavers who had lived there for 10 years and raised their young there, nor did he care about the turtles he killed indiscriminately who also called that home. Nor did he care about all the people who loved the property and often walked there with their children and dogs. It is one of the last large open spaces left in the Village of New Paltz. Sadie was killed in a trap intended for beavers. The risk to children was great as their footprints were seen only steps from the underwater traps.

Wildlife Watch, and many of the residents and tourists of New Paltz were outraged by the insane cruelty and are calling for a trapping ban.

Wildlife Watch has initiated a lawsuit against the developer on behalf of the Gaffneys and Sadie. Del Seligman, Esq. will be handling the case. We will keep you posted.

Let’s hope for a trapping ban in the Village of New Paltz. With the new humane Green Party members in office now, there is hope. A local law will serve to send a message to the legislature that the NYS Home Rule trapping bill is needed and should be passed.

Dr. Maxwell Schmurer is one of the protesters against trapping in New Paltz.  The good mood reflects the joy that trapping may soon be banned.

Wildlife Watch spent time on the phone with reporters to provide background information

We continue to answer scores of wildlife calls, and get people in touch with wildlife rehabilitators in their area.


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