The town government of Cheektowaga, NY, however, remained adamant in its plan to kill geese. Presentations by Jeff Termini of LOHV, Randy Atlas of Animal Advocates of WNY, other local wildlife protectors, and Peter Muller of Wildlife Watch telling of the advantage of non-lethal alternatives fell on deaf ears. Even a letter from the Town of Clarkstown, NY, testifying to the efficacy of non-lethal methods was ignored. – Their Town insisted on proceeding with the goose kill. In the early morning of June 30th. 106 geese were rounded up and killed by agents from the USDA Wildlife Services at the behest of the local government of Cheektowaga..

Jeff Termini of the League of Humane Voters of Western New York addresses the Town Board of Cheektowaga

Town Supervisor Dennis H. Gabryszak had told The Buffalo News less than a week before the round-up that non-lethal means were being considered. That turned out to be an obvious lie. In my talks with Gabryszak and other members of the Cheektowaga town board, they expressed their view that “killing deer or geese is just like mowing the lawn of getting a hair cut. It’s just maintenance. It’s got to be done every once in awhile.”

They are fully prepared and willing to go through this killing process every year. Such callousness and indifference to life is rare, even among small-town office holders.

Jeff Termini of the League of Humane Voters of Western New York has pledged to use all of his organizational resources to remove as many members of the current town board in the upcoming election as he can.

A Western NY wildlife advocate wrote:

Despite working night and day on this issue, according to our sources, the Cheektowaga despicable officials had their way and the USDA rounded up 106 geese and sent them to the “processor.” They ignored our offer of help with the “poop”—they ignored other towns’ reports of successfully using non-lethal methods—they ignored the requests to work with GeesePeace so they could get free instruction and advice on non-lethal goose management. Activists who went to see the geese today were horrified that there wasn’t one goose around the pond or in the park. So now they have their baseball diamonds. Gone are the wonderful sights of the geese and deer (had a bait and shoot earlier)…sterile Stiglmeier.


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