Will The DNR Please Address The Real Danger?

In a letter to the editor, Merle Wilson of IA wrote the following:

DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources) Director, Rich Leopold, wants an alcohol ban at six state park beaches in the IA Great Lakes during the 4th of July celebration. His contention is alcohol, drugs, nudity, fights and littering is a dangerous situation. Park rangers want to bring in a 6-member state patrol tactical unit, more DNR officers from around the state and local sheriff deputies. I wonder where the DNR is going to get the money to pay for these extra people since they claim they are always broke.

What I call a dangerous situation is approximately 140,000 deer hunters turned loose by the DNR every year, armed with shotguns, high-powered rifles and handguns with only 34 DNR enforcement officers for the entire state! There is plenty of alcohol and drug abuse during their hunting seasons. Some of these deer hunters, along with a very high percentage of people who refer to themselves as “coyote hunters,” are breaking the same laws each year as the partygoers at the beaches, yet the DNR chooses to ignore it. I wonder if that’s because hunters fund the DNR and alcohol sales do not.

The DNR claims they have no money to maintain law enforcement and park personnel. This is ongoing. Yet, the first four months of this year, they have spent 2.2 million dollars to purchase more land that they cannot maintain. Are we being told the truth or just what they want us to hear?.


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