UWC-NYC SEEKS TO MOBILIZE those of like mind for the benefit of raising awareness and changing urban policies which are cruel and unfair.

UWC-NYC DEMANDS that New York City — and cities across the globe — come to terms with the well-being of ALL their inhabitants, INCLUDING squirrels, pigeons, starlings, geese, ducks, raccoons, sparrows, robins — ALL OF THEM.

WE DEMAND that New York City reject its current lethal policies toward urban creatures and believe it is possible, and necessary, to envision a city with humane policies. This would include innovative, creative solutions as opposed to “poisoning” or “wires” and — our personal favorite — “culling” [killing outright]

Johanna Clearfield heads the UWC-NYC. She is a pigeon rehabilitator extraordinaire.

In response to one of the most frequently asked questions: don’t pigeons spread diseases? the UWC posts the following:

“The New York City Department of Health has no documented cases of communicable disease transmitted from pigeons to humans.” – Dr. Manuel Vargas, New York City Department of Health.

“People worry that pigeons carry disease,’ but the danger is ‘an exaggeration created by pest control companies looking for business.” – Guy Hodge, Naturalist for the Humane Society of the United States.

Visit Johanna’s blog at: http://www.pigeonpapers.blogspot.com/

Photo by Johanna Clearfield


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