Last October, an article from the local paper came to my attention. Solon, Ohio, had hired a firm named “White Buffalo” to come to the City to slaughter 600 deer. City officials claimed that “something had to be done” because the deer were eating people’s tulips!! They asked residents to volunteer their property for the hitmen to come in everyday for a month from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. We were told they would be shooting downward only from tree stands to ensure public safety. Anthony DeNicola, President of White Buffalo, stated that his bullets did not ricochet.

The Chief of Police confirmed this.

We learned that an ordinance was passed on the sly to allow for the barbaric captive bolt. People had risen up in great protest the previous year against the use of the captive bolt and the council then agreed not to allow it. Now, a second ordinance passed that ensured

Mr. DeNicola and his hitmen “complete control of the population” as he put it.

Any interference would bring an arrest of a third degree misdemeanor. The police were to escort the hitmen to the kill-sites each day to ensure that no one would interfere. The taxpayers would be paying large sums of money for the police to work overtime in order to protect this mercenary. The mayor stated that the venison would go to hunger centers so “some good” would come from this massacre. Yes indeed, Solon’s officials are quite the humanitarians! When I learned of this plan of genocide, I knew I had to do something. I felt morally obligated. I found two people who felt as I did, and the three of us began to work together to stop this. I had no idea that the deer issue was one of the hardest of them all. Deer slaughtering is a business. It provides jobs and brings in thousands of dollars every year. In addition, I was fighting a huge political machine.

The three of us stood strong, forged ahead, and organized a meeting for the residents at the public library. It was a success! The room was quickly filled to capacity and people had to be turned away. The police were there with the K-9 unit, every TV station as well as reporters from three newspapers showed. Steve Hindi, President of SHARK, came and showed his video of how “humanely” White Buffalo performed their job. Those nightmarish images and sounds will be burned into my brain forever. There it was, in black and white, for the world to see; White Buffalo shooting deer and then placing plastic bags over their heads to suffocate them when the bullets didn’t do the job. The rocket nets and captive bolt came next. The steel spike kept missing their targets and connected in their eyes, ears, etc. as they thrashed about. When the volume was turned up you could hear their screaming.

At one point, a councilman’s wife chuckled and asked if we would be serving popcorn at this movie.

After the video, we spoke to the residents about the compensatory rebound effect [when a deer population suddenly crashes, there are more births than usual the following spring], the safety issues, the waste of taxpayers’ money ($500,000 had been allocated), and non-lethal solutions. An open mike session followed and the residents demanded to speak to a council member. He, however, was in the hallway where he was verbally attacking Mr. Hindi and Solon’s deer protectors. This council member refused to speak to his constituents, and told us arrogantly that it didn’t matter what we did, the deer were going to die!

That night and the next day it was splashed all over the news. The controversy had begun. Still being naive at that time, I was sure we had accomplished our goal. I believed that now that everyone knew the truth about this horrific plan, it wouldn’t go through. This was, after all, the 21st century. We gained more soldiers for our army and proceeded to go to every council meeting, write letters, educate the public, and hand out flyers in front of stores. We made contact with wonderful Nancy Bowman, head of the Princeton Deer Alliance. She became our mentor and advisor since she had already had four years’ experience with White Buffalo and the local government there. When the killings began, I started to see a pattern emerge. It was the DeNicola blueprint.

Everything that had occurred in Princeton was happening in Solon. Exactly!!


We wanted to monitor White Buffalo’s actions so we video-taped at some of the kill-sites when we could find out where they were. Everything was shrouded in secrecy. Neighbors living next door to kill-sites were told they would be notified 24 hours before it began.

I believe that only happened the first day. Neighbors were pitted against each other. Children saw the deer being dragged along the ground after they were killed. We witnessed White Buffalo shooting laterally from someone’s deck in a densely populated development. We witnessed White Buffalo sitting in a tree with a military grade rifle as the school bus came down the street. We saw them shoot and miss. Yet David Klunzinger, head of Public Works, was quoted in the paper as saying, “Tony never misses.” Another time we heard gunshots and a few seconds later saw children go into the area and then heard screaming. We filed a law-suit and lost. We came up against many roadblocks, but we persevered then and we will not quit now.

By March the bloodshed had ended, 602 deer were killed, they had died at the hands of White Buffalo. The final article in the Solon paper said that the culling opponents had slowed the program down. For that, we were to be punished. Tony DeNicola strongly advised that next year a “no-feed ban” should be implemented, a 200 ft. buffer zone should be placed around the killsites, and the captive bolt should be used. DeNicola also stated that his count was off and Solon had way more deer than previously thought. This is a man that was quoted in our paper saying that he equates killing deer to brushing his teeth. In Greenwich, CT, someone overheard him say that they didn’t have a deer problem but he’s more than happy to take their money.

After the devastation, we held a memorial service for our dead deer in the middle of town for all to see. Peter Muller from C.A.S.H. and LOHV came. He was fantastic. He came to Solon and spoke at our memorial and taught us how to fight this politically. That is our strongest defense, and I believe the only way to win this. We can’t thank Peter enough. A member of our group recently did remarkable research on non-lethal solutions. She also found some discrepancies in the final report from the city. We met with the mayor and gave him this 800 page document and are still waiting to hear back from him. We are starting to meet with candidates that are running in next fall’s election. We have reserved a booth at the Solon Home Days and will be representing the League of Humane Voters.

Most importantly, I want people to know that any action for animals is significant.

Even the smallest help is needed. We are all important in this battle to force towns to act humanely.

Edmond Burke, a highly respected 18th Century statesman, said, “The only way for evil to triumph is if good people do nothing.” Please everyone, remember those words and do your part. We are willing and able to share our information with you, although we hope and pray you’ll never need it.

For the Deer,
Lane Ferrante

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or Craig Sanders


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