What you can do if you’re affected by feral hogs

By Joe Miele

Feral hogs are horrifically poisoned, shot, stabbed, and trapped by pest control agencies, Wildlife Services, and landowners who do not want them around.  They do cause damage to private property, but like all other animal damage situations there are humane ways to protect what you own.

Donkeys have been known to chase away hogs.  There are always donkeys up for adoption and in need of good homes, so if you can open your heart to a donkey or two they can repay you by keeping the hogs away.

Exclusion fencing works, but a sturdy metal fence must be buried at least one foot underground if you are to prevent hogs from impacting sensitive areas.  Hogs are strong animals and if they are determined to get to a certain place, the exclusion fencing that you put up must be built solidly and always well maintained.
If you have the stomach to read this, it will give you an idea of the types that enjoy killing these animals:

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