What We’ve Been Up To Since the Last Newsletter

  • Added hundreds of additional accidents to our hunting accident section. We urge our readers to send us accident reports as you discover them. Please send to cash@abolishsporthunting.org
  • Advised activists in Florida about how to fight an upcoming bear hunt. We helped them network with other experienced activists who are conducting bear protection campaigns.
  • Wrote numerous letters to the editor of many newspapers, and commented on online articles on issues ranging from canned hunting, to the recruitment of child hunters, to breeding mutant exotic wildlife for hunting operations, and more.
  • Maintained our popular Facebook page. Please visit us.
  • Twice appeared as a guest on Animals Today Radio with Dr. Lori Kirshner.
  • Provided data and facts for activists in NY who are fighting community-based deer hunting programs.
  • Evaluated Virginia legislation for a group to take political action at the request of C.A.S.H. member Richard Firth
  • Wrote comments for Rye – see a shortened version in this newsletter – Comments on Wildlife Management in Rye, NY.
  • And more!


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