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Landowners Should Not Pass The Buck

It is appropriate that hunters and landowners share the liability of innocent people being killed or injured.

The sad truth is that wildlife management agencies have been putting out a lie to the public that they MUST reduce the deer herd, when in fact it is wildlife management that causes a higher population of deer than would normally exist.

What they are trying to provide is sport hunting. They do that because they get their income from bullets and arrows and firearms and bows. They call the disgraceful killing of wildlife “recreation”, but we call it “wreck creation.” We trust that it will be illegal one day, and we hope that the farce of wildlife management is exposed for all to see.

Those who hunt have deluded themselves into believing that they are doing something good for nature, but to the game agencies they are customers whose license fees pay the salaries of game managers, and whose bullets pay for hunting opportunity and lobbying efforts.

This nightmare for the animals, the human victims and potential victims must end with a change of political will. Please see our website at: http://abolishsporthunting.com/cashwp and link to “accidents.” Yes, landowners who allow hunters on their property, thus endangering neighbors and others should be liable, and those who profit from hunters on their property should be doubly liable.

Anne Muller, President
C.A.S.H. – Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
New Paltz, NY 12561 845-256-1400

Dueling Ads: Wildlife Watch Wins!

Wildlife Watch And The Quality Deer Management Association Spar: Wildlife Watch Wins!

When the QDMA ad first appeared in local papers in our area, we responded with our ad. After our ad was published, QDMA discontinued advertising. Over the years we’ve learned that it is the positive alternative that will win the day.

In the past, we’ve had articles about two pro-hunting factions: the Quality and Quantity Deer Hunters. When we attended a town meeting in the Catskill Region where the two alternatives were being debated, we offered a third alternative of NO HUNTING, and were met with the usual combination of blank stares and rage from the people who profit from hunting. At that time, we hadn’t taken it beyond simply “no hunting” to Wildlife Watching.

Text Reads: The Hudson Valley Branch (Ulster & Dutchess Counties) of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) provides funds and education for you. QDMA’s philosophy is: 1. Herd Management; 2. Habitat Management 3. Hunter Management 4. Herd Monitoring. It can work for you! … www.qdma.com ”
Managing today for a better tomorrow” [Huh?]

C.A.S.H. countered with the following ad:

Text Reads: If you would like us to work with you to help set up a wildlife watching business, please contact us. Keep gun-toters off your property – we’ll help post. www.wildwatch.org 

Understanding Quantity vs. Quality Deer Hunting

Traditional deer management prefers to skew the deer population in favor of females, allowing for a bumper crop of deer for the following hunting season. They manage for a high population in several ways, but one way is to allow the killing of bucks. On page 22 of the NYS Hunting and Trapping Regulations Guide 2006-2007, the DEC is clearly getting into management for Quality Deer hunting. They manage for deer with big antlers this way:
Bucks taken in certain regions must have at least one antler with 3 points or more that are at least on inch long. Hunters under 17 are exempt from the 3 point requirement.

They are trying to provide trophy heads. They began the restrictions last year in 2005 and claim that buck harvests were down 65%. They think that the numbers will return to normal as older bucks increase and can be taken.
Note that this management technique encourages taking young people hunting so a younger buck can be shot. Also, hooking the youth is key to keeping the carnage going. Quantity deer hunters will either be taking does, or fawns of either sex. In general QDM will reduce he population at least temporarily which will leave the quantity hunters not terribly happy as they want to kill as many deer as they can. It can also be argued that it may leave the few subsistence hunters without food.

For more detail about Quantity and Quality deer hunting, please see our website: http://abolishsporthunting.org/journals/quality-vs-quantity-in-deer-management/


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