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The ECROW Tourism Watch in Auburn NY went spectacularly well. We were so pleased to be joined by Sharon and Owen Brown of Beavers, Wetlands and Wildlife www.beaversww.org , Dr. Ahmed Halima, JK the Cat and so many of her friends, including Brigit and Aresh, and our fellow-collaborators: Rita and Joe Sarnicola. Below you will see some photos, and we hope you’ll join us next time.

The first ECrow Tour group EVER

Dr. Anne Clark who gave a riveting lecture about crows the evening we arrived

Brigit in awe of the incoming crows

Aresh trying to join the crows.

Maybe one day!! Hope you can join us next time! Check www.wildwatch.org for future wildlife tours when they are posted.

On Saturday, March 11th Anne Muller of Wildlife Watch was one of two presenters at an event sponsored by NY Companion Bird Club of Manhattan. http://www.manhattanbirdclub.com  We thank Carol Moon from Farm Sanctuary for arranging this. . The NY Companion Bird club is dedicated to encouraging the positive portrayal and treatment of wild species residing in the New York City metro area.

Anne’s presentation concerned Canada geese and focused on the following main concerns:

1. The government’s response to complaints about Canada geese from towns and NYC facilities.

2. The impact of pollution and ecological concerns in NYC

3. How bird lovers can become more involved in protecting this magnificent species.

The talk generated a lot of questions and interest in the plight of urban Canada geese

Wildlife Watch submitted COMMENTS ON NJ COMPREHENSIVE WILDLIFE CONSERVATION STRATEGY (CWCS) on behalf of our 2,300 NJ supporters

Our comments read in part:

The Plan is deficient for the following seven reasons:

1. There is no independent ombudsman or oversight process

2. General funds may be used for either non-game or game.

3. An alternative agency or newly created division of DFW should handle general funds for non-game

4. Hunting is touted and promoted as a viable management tool and propaganda is being developed to ensure its acceptance.

5. The animal protection community has either no representation or no significant representation in the decision-making process

6. The decision makers and partners are entirely pro-hunting, or of the opinion that hunting is necessary to protect habitat.

7. There is no positive strategy planned to engage the public in wildlife protection, but merely to keep individuals from directly or indirectly harming animals or habitat. (While other forms of human impact are criticized, the strategy unrealistically excludes hunting and management for hunting.)


Definition: “Positive strategy” means to engage the public in the appreciation of wild animals thus providing an incentive to protect the animals and their homes and habitat via an uncoerced agreement to reduce harmful impacts. One such method of engaging the public is through Wildlife Watching Programs throughout the year…

Please contact wildwatch@verizon.net if you would like a copy of our full Comments.

In addition to the many letters written to papers across the country, we continue to handle wildlife calls. Calls now have come in from as far as Texas since we announced our 800 number: 877-WILDHELP (945-3435). It’s gratifying to be able to talk people through a wildlife situation or to help wildlife by getting humane people in touch with a nearby rehabber. Often it’s a matter of finding someone online who is in their area.


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