What is White Buffalo and Who is Tony DeNicola?

Just take a look at their newsletter and see who their partners are:

Early in November 2004 we were not sure what we were going to do all winter with little work available. By late-November we weren’t sure how WBI was going to pull off all the work that materialized. Eight projects in 4 months. But true to our nature we hustled, we worked extra hard and extra long, and in the end we completed all eight!

The season started off in Minnesota, where we returned to Eden Prairie for another year of white-tailed deer population maintenance. One hundred-fifteen deer were removed and delivered to Big Steer Meats, St. Paul, MN for food bank donation.

January brought us to New Jersey where we worked in Princeton again (124 deer culled) and initiated a new research project at Duke Farms in Hillsborough.

We then ventured in to new territory and initiated a deer reduction program in Roanoke, Virginia. This was a collaborative effort with Chad Fox, USDA-Wildlife Services. We spent a week in Roanoke concentrating on tree-stand efforts and some driving and shooting and killed 119 deer. The USDA team worked the remaining part of January and March and removed 107 deer. All were processed for donation.

Headed across I-80 once again WBI wound up in Iowa City for the first half of February; yet another population reduction/maintenance program, yielding 154 deer for donation.

We then returned to the home of Lake Effect Snow and spent 6 weeks in the Cleveland area, where we juggled between capturing does that had been previously treated with SpayVac in the Ohio Erie Canal Reservation for blood samples, and implementing the first year of an aggressive deer management program for the City of Solon. We recaptured 25 does and took blood samples for titer and pregnancy analysis. Six hundred and two deer were harvested throughout the City of Solon, which equates to 28,000+ pounds of venison donated.

Somewhere in the middle of that we also completed another first. Greenwich, Connecticut stepped up in response to recently passed legislation and initiated their first pilot deer management program. WBI was contracted to work on 3 town owned parcels and removed 80 deer.

Where is Dr. DeNicola Now?

[Right:  Best as we can make out, those are feral pigs dangling from the helicopter.]

ProHunt, LTD, a New Zealand company that specializes in non-native species eradication programs was awarded a $3.9 million contract from The Nature Conservancy and the National Park Service to remove the feral pigs that reside on Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California.

Norm MacDonald, President of ProHunt and Tony had first worked together in the Galapagos developing an eradication program. Now Tony and Norm have reunited on Santa Cruz. Tony is assisting in the pig removal process for the next two months.Techniques from ground hunting with dogs, trapping and euthanasia, to aerial shooting are being used. To date 1205 pigs have been culled on this 96 square mile island. It is projected that the eradication will take approximately 18-20 months.


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