What has LOHV been up to?

The NY State Division of the League of Humane Voters has been busy in this legislative session attempting to get legislation introduced and passed at the State level. In keeping with our tradition we had our 2007 Legislative Breakfast in Albany in the on March 22nd. Once a year, usually in the middle of March, we invite all NY State legislators to join us for a vegan breakfast in the Legislative Office Building in Albany. We meet and greet them as they arrive, take them over to the breakfast buffet and then explore out current legislative agenda with tem. This year, just as in years past, we had about forty legislators join us for breakfast and listen to our presentation of legislation we are promoting this year.

In the late morning and all afternoon we have scheduled meetings with representatives of the heads of the committees that will be dealing with our bills, the leaders of the NY State Assembly, the NY State Senate and the Governor’s office.

This year we’ve take on a total of six bills; the good news is that we have secured sponsors in both legislative chambers for all of our bills. We feel confident that some of our bills have an excellent chance of passing before the legislative session ends in late June. The remainder will continue to be active bills next year since each legislative session is two years.

Peter Muller NYS-LOHV, Assembly member Bing, Assembly member Rosenthal, John Phillips NYC-LOHV, Assembly member Maisel

Peter Muller NYS-LOHV, Senator Kruger, John Phillips NYC-LOHV, Jeff Termini, Western NY-LOHV

Peter Muller NYS-LOHV, Laura Brown Capital Region-LOHV, Senator Padavan

An overview of the bills we are working in this session can be seen on our website at: http://humanevoters.org/issues/IssuesOverview.htm.

It is a table that lists all bills, sponsors, bill numbers, and committees through which the bills have to pass. If you are on the website, then you can get a description of the bill, information about the sponsor, and the status of the bill in the NYS Senate and the NYS Assembly by clicking on any of the elements in the table above.


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