CASH will be starting a new section of our website called: WILDLIFE SERVICES GETTING READY TO STRIKE AGAIN!

Wildlife Services of the USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, is basically a private contract-killing service. Once discovered by the public, they tend to change their name so they sound benign once again.
As we’ve sent comments to them on their killing proposals in the past, they continue to send tormenting proposals for more and more killing contracts, which normally go through unimpeded.

We’ve decided to post their proposals to the website. It would require an organization with far deeper pockets than ours to get restraining orders each time, but we can at least expose the unnecessary cruelty for all to see.
The page on our site is just beginning, but you’ll see it grow with one insane proposal after the next.

The last received was on Oct. 2. It is to review their “Pre-Decisonal Environmental Assessment” entitled, “Wildlife Damage Management at Airports in OH.” You can obtain a copy from OH Wildlife Services 614-861-6087. Then comments must be in by Nov. 6th. While you will miss your administrative chance here, you can get started boning up on this “Service,” often just called “the USDA”. We feel it is important to refer to Wildlife Services as “Wildlife Services” to avoid any positive connotation that “USDA” may have in the public mind.


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