The county is in the process of appealing Judge Bergerman’s ruling that NYS has jurisdiction over wildlife and therefore the County cannot protect citizens and pets from injury in traps.

Meanwhile Ken Zebrowski (D) and Tom Morahan (R) two influential legislators who supported the Rockland ban (Ken was the one who drafted the legislation) are both running for Joseph Holland’s State Senate seat. Holland was given an appointment by C. Scott Vanderhoef which gets him out of the Senate (fortunately for wildlife). We had asked him to sponsor a Senate companion bill for home rule over trapping and he refused.

After a meeting in Albany with Wildlife Watch, the Fund, and others, we learned that the Home Rule bill will not be going anyplace. It is not for lack of a Senate sponsor, but because Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the Assembly, doesn’t think it has a chance of passing the EnCon committee of the Assembly. We think that Assemblyman Silver plays a major role in whether or not it has a chance. Is he saying that 28 committee members think that counties should not be able to determine their own destinies?

You can contact Sheldon Silver (especially if you vote for him) and ask him to please push this bill through.: Assembly District: 62 : E-mail:  Albany Office: LOB 932/CAP 349, ALBANY 12248 518-455-3791 District Office: 270 BROADWAY, SUITE 1807, NEW YORK 10007 212-312-1420


There are currently four bills pending in the New York State Assembly that will go a long way toward outlawing the outdated barbarism known as “trapping.”

The legislation that will have the most impact on trapping is a bill sponsored by Assemblymen “Pete” Grannis and Scott Stringer. A1155 prohibits the use of the leghold-trap in the state of New York. Its enactment into law is tantamount to outlawing trapping in New York.

Another bill, A6602, proposed by Assemblyman Steven Englebright, would outlaw the use of body-gripping traps (Conibear traps) around dwellings, public buildings and all recreational areas open to the public. It would also require extensive posting in all areas where trapping is permitted. It is not as sweeping as A1155 – but nevertheless a step in the right direction.

***Bill A1149, also introduced by Assemblyman “Pete” Grannis, requires the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) to furnish the Governor and the State Legislature with a report on alternatives to trapping. It further requires NYSDEC to hold public hearings and consult with animal rights groups before submitting the report.

Lastly, Bill A1150, also sponsored by Assemblymen “Pete” Grannis, Alex Gromack, and John McEneny, allows each municipality and county legislature to regulate trapping in its own area of jurisdiction. This bill would make the Anti-trapping law that was passed in Rockland County, but was held not legally enforceable by a NY State Court, a binding law. [See above in Rockland County trapping update section.].

All in all, it is encouraging to see the emergence of this proposed anti-trapping legislation.


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