Trapping can spread rabies

C.A.S.H. had the following letter published in the Yuma Sun, of Yuma, AZ.  Below the letter is a response to it that we received through the mail.

Trapping can spread rabies
December 15, 2008 – 9:23 PM

A recent letter in The Sun (“Memory about spread of rabies,” Dec. 8) implied that recreational trapping controls or stops the spread of rabies, but this is not the case. Trappers are successful because they know the habits of the wildlife they target. Rabid animals do not behave normally and are not attracted to the same baits and lures that a healthy animal would be.

In fact, trapping may do more harm than good. The World Health Organization and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that trapping not be used to control rabies because it eliminates a healthy buffer population that impedes the spread of the disease.

Additionally, a report entitled “Control of Rabies” by the National Academy of Science contained the passage “Persistent trapping or poisoning campaigns as a means to rabies control should be abolished. There is no evidence that these costly and politically attractive programs reduce either wildlife reservoirs or rabies incidence.”

Experts have concluded that trapping for rabies prevention is nothing but a myth that can further spread the disease. To learn what you can do to eliminate the cruelty of trapping, .

JOE MIELE, President, The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, Las Cruces, N.M.

It sounds like rabies has spread to the writer of the response.


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