They Said It”: Excerpts From the Other Side

“I have a fear that the general privilege to hunt will be lost in my active

life-time. In the wake of: recent mass trageties [sic] caused by people using guns;

regulations passed to restrict hunting; plus general registration and firearm ownership

requirements…our hunting freedom is doomed!” To mitigate your fear, cut your active

lifetime short and call Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

“Hi You can make money from parts you throw away. You just need to know what

is being sold out there. I have a book that will help all hunters. just go to my website

and order yours today.”

— This gives a whole new meaning to the word “body-shop”

From : Regarding

Gettysburg National Park: “After two years of controversy, National Park rangers

killed 76 whitetail deer …Herd thinning presents unique challenges within National

Parks …Generally, the thinning process went smoothly, although there were reported

incidents of deer running “wildly into town,” and in one case into a home.”

“Hi, my name is Rich Pedersen, and I’m the chaplain for Bowhunting.Net. I am

an ordained pastor serving in central Texas. I have been a pastor for nine years and a

bowhunter for one. Mostly, I hunt wild hogs …My purpose in this column is to address

the spiritual side of life as a bowhunter. I will talk about Scripture, prayer,

commentary… as needed, and answers to questions which come up over time. ” May

God have mercy on your soul– Amen.

“IQALUIT, Nunavut (AP) — It’s a rehabilitation program that would unnerve

most prison wardens. Arm inmates with rifles and bullets, and send them out hunting.”


(you know the way that sounds)

From a hunter’s website:

“Now can we see a show of hands, how many of you believe he’s not out for

your guns?”. “It’s not just the culture of violence that has to change; it’s the

culture of hunting and sport shooting that has to stop financing efforts to frighten their

members, who are good, God-fearing, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens out there, into

believing that every time you try to save a kid’s life, it’s a camel’s nose in the

tent.” Bill Clinton, April 27, 1999


WCBS reported in early May that Clinton was convening a children’s violence summit

and inviting Smith and Wesson to attend!


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