The Town of Clarkstown Letter


The Town of Clarkstown Letter

The inspiration for the letter came from someone in Buffalo. When we requested it, it had to have the approval of the DEC, the Town Supervisor, and the person who contracts with the town to use non-lethal methods of Canada goose dissuasion. We never thought we would see this, but here it is: Please use it to let town or city boards know that non-lethal methods of goose dissuasion ARE effective.

Let us know if you need a copy faxed or mailed.

It reads:

The Town of Clarkstown has employed non-lethal methods of Canada Goose dissuasion in our municipal parks since 1999. The methods used have included border collies and changes in landscaping prior to nesting season.

After nesting, we’ve also employed egg addling. We intend to continue to use these effective non-lethal methods as we’ve experienced their success. Not only have they been effective at keeping our municipal lawns clean, but they have greatly reduced complaints from those who feel impacted. The added important bonus is that non-lethal methods do not divide the community. As Canada Geese have not posed a problem in our municipal parks since these methods were implemented, we see no reason to consider lethal controls.


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