The Pittman-Robertson (P-R) Fund

Top 10 Hunting States

As we tell you in almost every issue of the C.A.S.H. Courier, the Pittman-Robertson fund is what supports federal and state wildlife management agencies in large part, and what links the firearms industry inextricably to wildlife management agencies. Excise taxes on firearms and ammunition, and bows and arrows comprise the Fund. The taxes are transferred from the Treasury — in their entirety — to the Conservation Fund. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service keeps a portion to administer the Fund, and the rest is apportioned to the states based, in part, on the number of hunting licenses they sell. This puts state game agencies in competition with each other to sell the most hunting licenses to gain a larger share of the Pittman Robertson Fund.

What should be particularly galling to citizens is that the State’s General Fund has to contribute a 25% matching amount to the P-R money apportioned to the game agency.

Every year the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service publishes the Final Apportionment of Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Funds . The Fiscal year 2008 report shows that the top 10 states in order are:


As always, TX and AK are a quantum leap higher than PA, but it’s no surprise to the people of PA or to those who track such information that Pennsylvania is in one of the topmost positions in the heap of filthy lucre.
[Editor’s Note: On October 12th, the editor of the Courier counted 97 shots in a period of 5 minutes – and that’s only what she could hear! I imagined the money that was pouring in to this fund as the lives of animals were being snuffed out…and I thought that there must be a better way. We believe that wildlife watching is a better way and the same model can be used, with far more funding coming in from wildlife watching equipment.]
Your generous contributions will help us to promote wildlife watching as an economic replacement for hunting!


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