The Heavy Hand of Government Wildlife Management Agencies Gives Support to Brutal and Thuggish Behavior

These next three articles show how the heavy hand of wildlife management steals land and joy, and in the former case, especially from women.

The problem is not merely localized, as you will see.

Rather it is pervasive and ingrained in the agencies and their clients –
the hunters and trappers – across the country. From the farms of Iowa to the rural south, and to the suburbs of New York, the cruel decisions to kill the wildlife that belongs to all prevails above the voices and legal rights of those who try in vain to protect wild animals and their own property.

As wildlife is pushed into more populated areas, there are more witnesses and more human victims as well. We know that you will find these exposes appalling.

If you have a story to share, and/or if you would like to help bring these abuses to an end, we urge you to contact


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