By Peter Muller

That could be a headline you’ll see in papers from sea to shining sea – if a bill introduced by New York Representative Nita Lowey passes the House of Representatives and the Senate and is signed into law by our beloved President William Jefferson Clinton. Representative Lowey introduced H.R. 1581 in the House on April 27, 1999. The bill is currently in committee and we’ll be watching and reporting on its progress.

So far, 62 additional representatives have signed on as co-sponsors.

The Bill starts out:


It is the policy of the United States to end the needless maiming and suffering inflicted upon animals through the use of steel-jawed leghold traps by prohibiting the import or export of, and the shipment in interstate commerce of, such traps and of articles of fur from animals that were trapped in such traps.

The penalty provided for in this bill is a fine and a prison term of not more than two years for each violation.

C.A.S.H, as well as many other organizations, has been struggling to encourage various legislative bodies to pass local or state laws outlawing or restricting trapping. In some states that have ballot initiatives, they have succeeded in banning trapping.

If H.R. 1581 passes, then trapping will be prohibited nationwide overnight. This may well the most important animal protective legislation ever proposed.

Let’s all urge our federal representatives to support this bill.

Incidentally, Representative Lowey is considered by many observers of the New York political scene to have the “inside track” as the Democratic Party nominee for senator if Hillary Clinton decides not to run for that position. Best news we’ve had in a long time.


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