Teatown Lake Reservation Directors Must be Censured for their Cruelty

Teatown Lake Reservation Directors Must be Censured for their Cruelty

Marilyn Leybra, a wildlife rehabilitator in NYS wrote, “Knowing myself that deer don’t die from an arrow, but from running for however long it takes to bleed to death. Knowing also that many are never found when tracked, and that crippling losses are estimated as being as much as up to 50%, I’m frozen from reading about the Teatown Lake Reservation kill (cull).”

Teatown Lake Reservation uses bow hunters to kill deer after baiting them.

A veterinarian, Bruce Hoskins, who lives in the area of Teatown and who is opposed to bow hunting described the suffering of a deer he had encountered 12 years before. He wrote in www.lohud.com:

Of the choices available to Teatown to control their deer numbers, I find the decision to use bow hunters particularly abhorrent. A deer struck by an arrow fired from a bow will experience pain and suffering. This is true regardless of what part of the deer’s body is penetrated by the arrow. Upon entry the arrow will pierce skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and blood vessels. A deer’s chest and abdominal cavities are lined with abundant nerve endings. … Approximately 12 years ago, my wife, young son and I came upon a deer wounded by an arrow at the conclusion of our hike in the springs area of Long Island. The deer had collapsed at the back of a building near the trail head and an arrow was protruding from the animal’s chest. The animal was struggling for breath and its gums were pale and its eyes were wide with fright. No hunter was in sight and it was not clear how long the deer had been there.


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