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Sent by Sharon Pawlak of the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese

A BC couple was strolling along a river when they saw four camouflaged men in a field. A flock of Canada geese flew overhead and shots rang out. The couple said that they, along with other outdoor users, were horri­fied. They reported that some geese fell and were injured on the ground. According to the City operations superintendent, Randy Evans, hunters are allowed on private property if they have the owner’s permission, HOW­EVER, hunting areas come up for review every year and the Ministry of Environment asks municipalities if certain areas need to be closed. “If there is an area that is frequented by walkers and hikers, it may be some­thing they would want to consider.” Evans said he can understand a con­cern for the safety of the public! [Such a review is sorely needed in the US as well.].


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