Thanks to Wildlife Watch and other organizations and individuals opposing the killing of hatched cormorants, hatched cormorants will not be killed in spite of efforts by New York State and Vermont game agencies to kill the birds. The Watertown Daily Times editorial said recently:

“Bowing to the animal rights groups, the federal agency said that it will not permit the killing of adult cormorants, which was part of a five-year management plan developed by the state DEC.”


Maurice D. Hinchey is a congressman, but who are cormorants? Cormorants are the most amazing birds on the planet (at least on this page). They are deep divers and have been caught in fishing nets of 165 feet.

Cormorants are generous, they share their fishing grounds with humans. You don’t see them complain, do you, that humans have been polluting the waters, over-fishing for commercial purposes, and destroying water ecology through management for sport fishing, in addition to stealing their food. Yet anglers have the chutzpa to complain that cormorants have been eating all the fish they want to kill for fun!

Past campaigns to exterminate cormorants have shown that persecution is unjustified as cormorants take fish that live deeper than the small-mouthed bass that anglers were yelling about.


Wildlife Watch recently made the protection of hatched cormorants one of its top priorities as New York and Vermont game agencies had requested depredation permits from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to kill hundreds of cormorants as a prelude to a regular annual kill.

Wildlife Watch wrote prototype comments and solicited further comments from other organizations and individuals. Further, we appealed to our local congressman, Maurice Hinchey, who was THE ONLY federal representative to call the FWS to state his strong opposition to the killing. Hooray for Congressman Maurice Hinchey!

On the other hand…


No, McHugh’s not a bird, yet his feathers were and probably still are ruffled; a conundrum for another day. Let’s just say that if John McHugh (24th Congressional District encompassing 10 counties in Northern NY) and the DEC had had their way, hundreds of cormorants would have been killed by the time you received this publication. The insanity of it all is that almost a year ago, madmen, presumably sport anglers, entered Little Galloo Island at night and massacred 840 cormorants. They were found shot to death along with at least 100 crippled adults and orphaned young. In one night they wiped out 10% of the population. McHugh didn’t feel that was sufficient. He was going to ensure a total wipeout. John McHugh and the DEC wanted legal killing to the tune of thousands.

Shocking news!  According to the most recent minutes of the NYS Conservation Fund Advisory Board, comprised of hunters, trappers and anglers, the people who massacred the cormorants got a plea agreement of 6 months home incarceration, a $2,500 fine and a $5,000 contribution to the Fish and Wildlife Foundation we’ll be sending a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request and doing an investigation into this.


It’s no surprise that on McHugh’s website he says, “Assemblyman Bragman and I asked the US Fish and Wildlife Service to consider…” (to get past the euphemisms, he was asking to kill birds during the time they are developing a plan to kill birds!)


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