By Kathryn Burton, SOS-USA

No bird or animal has had such bad press over an extended time than the mute swan, which is attacked continually, based on a short list of lies developed by the USF&W and carried to the people through enthusiastic so-called “environmental” reporters. Let’s correct this, now:

FACT: Fossil remains of mute swans prove they are indigenous to this country, from at least 10,000 years ago. There is no doubt as to the type of swan, the chest cavity is peculiar in the mute,different from the other two swans on this continent.This is documented in a number of papers and books written by the top people in the field and verified by genetic studies most recently. It was noted in a Flyway Council paper in 1982,yet they continue to lie through the DEPs and DNRs in the States.

FACT: In a recent issue of Audubon Magazine a migration of a rain forest bird is described as when that bird annually “moves from the top of the tree to the forest floor.” The mutes travel to the nearest open water when lakes are iced over, and many move in winter to the Chesapeake Bay. They migrate.

FACT: A major criteria for “exotic species” is that they have no natural enemies. The mute has many, including gulls, hawks, falcons, crows, roaming dogs and cats, pike and bass, lead shot and chemical pollution, the jet ski, little boys with BB guns, stones and sticks and grown men who want to replace them with Trumpeter swans.

FACT: Despite regular appearance of horror stories written by Ted Williams of the national Audubon about people being injured or killed by mute swans, there is no police,lawsuit, newspaper, hospital, name of victim, town, city, state, or date provided. Now that this has appeared, I predict these will suddenly be fabricated and appear.

For copies of scientific papers from major Avian Paleontologists and ornithologists, proving the known indigenous status of mutes and answers to any swan questions, email  for Save Our Swans-SOS-USA.


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