By Valerie Will

The Town of Clarence has invited the Town of Lancaster to join them in asking the State Legislature to lift the ban on bowhunting in their areas. If they are successful, this could have dire consequences not only for the deer in Western New York, but for the wildlife in all towns across New York State.

Please write to your State Legislators and ask them to vote NOT to lift bowhunting bans that are already in place and not to take home rule from towns and counties. [Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that the state allows hunting, and that local law cannot go beyond the framework of the state. Therefore, counties and towns can only be more restrictive. Towns and counties can always use the depredation permit to kill if they want to, so there’s no need to deprive towns and counties of home rule.]  Bowhunting is not only one of the most barbaric forms of sport hunting, but it is not even good population control. The wounding and crippling rate is extremely high. Even some hunters think bowhunting should be banned.  Hunter Kenneth Crewell, Berne, New York, wrote in New York Sportsman magazine (12/96), “Ban Bowhunting in NY” “I believe bowhunting for deer should be outlawed in New York State.   Our party of five has shot deer during the gun season in Albany County that had arrows in them. Some of the meat was spoiled and the meat from an 8-pointer we shot the last day of the season was totally spoiled.”

It is imperative that you write to your State legislators today — the bowhunting community is anxious to get at the trophy bucks in these areas!

For more information call: Animal Rights Advocates of WNY 716-648-6423


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