Sally Jewell, Nominee for Secretary of the Interior

Sally Jewell,  Nominee for Secretary of the Interior

President Barack Obama with REI head Sally Jewell

Given the fact that the Obama nominee for Secretary of the Interior is of huge concern to hunters, we at  C.A.S.H. are hopeful that we may see some positive change should she be confirmed by Congress.  Sally Jewell would be the first Secretary of the Interior who is not a hunter, but who is still an “outdoor enthusiast.”  The phrase “outdoor enthusiast” normally sends shivers down my spine, but what this term refers to in her case is climbing and hiking.

Ms. Jewell heads the consumer co-op Recreational Equipment Inc. REI They sell what they call “sporting goods,” which means items for those who do mountain biking, road biking, kayaking, backpacking, rock climbing, outdoor photography, family hiking, and snowshoeing.

When asked by reporters why REI didn’t carry hunting equipment, she said it was because she “didn’t know that much about it,” and REI had to be experts in everything they sell.  If you like outdoor recreation, as opposed to outdoor wreck creation, please visit:|13030|||S|b|17940421093&ef_


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