Rural Enforcement of Law Non-Existent if Hunters are the Perpetrators

Merle Wilson of Iowa, shared his poignant letter written to numerous government officials, including the Governor.

I have lobbied for 15 years for more DNR [Department of Natural Resources] law enforcement.  I’ve gotten no place, but realize that if there were more, it would not make a difference.  As soon as law enforcement officers determine that an individual is a hunter, they leave the scene.

On December 28, ignoring our “no trespassing”signs, a pickup truck with a single occupant drove within 30 feet of our house, went another 200 feet beyond, turned around in my yard and started to back out.  He only stopped when I asked what he was doing on my property.  He said it was none of my d____ business, and if I gave him any trouble, he’d jump out of the truck and stomp me half to death.  With that he drove off.

The sheriff deputy that answered my call determined that he was a hunter and failed to pursue the case.

I recently read an article by a retired Phoenix police officer.  He said, if you are attacked, and you refuse or are unable to defend yourself, then by the time law enforcement arrives on the scene, one of two things will have happened:  you will be dead or you will be brutalized.  I had no way of knowing if this individual was a half-crazed dope addict looking to steal something, or someone looking to kill my wife and myself for one reason or another.

These citizen abuses show the DNR’s cavalier attitude toward rural property owners and their ever-eroding rights.  Their attitude indicates to me that because hunters fund the DNR, they are given ‘favorite son’ status and allowed to do as they please, while the DNR looks the other way.

[Editor’s note: We apologize for needing to print an abbreviated letter due to space, Merle cited many more instances of hunter violations that were deliberately unenforced.  It is clear that hunting law enforcement simply means enforcing the unconstitutional hunter harassment laws.]


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