A special thank you to Mrs. Joel M Abels for her contribution in memory of her daughter Nanette Linda Lewis Abels, August 25, 2000.

Nancy Van Oossan
was a friend of Luke Dommer‘s until his passing in 1992.

Nancy and Patty Jaymes operated Animals Need You in New Jersey. After Patty was murdered, Nancy became the president until her unexpected death on Sunday, December 2nd due to complications following a heart operation.

Nancy is much loved and will be terribly missed by all who knew her and worked with her. The photo to the left is all the more precious to us now. It was taken a few years ago at the Great Swamp hunting protest that was started by Luke Dommer of C.A.S.H. NJ HSUS continued the demonstrations for many years. At their last demonstration, the C.A.S.H. banner was held by C.A.S.H. board member Barbara Aster (left) and Nancy Van Oossan (right) of Animals Need You.

Contributions may be made to Animals Need You, a wonderful organization that does spay/neutering and adoptions, P.O. Box 65, West New York, NJ 07093.

Hunters for the Hungry brag that they contribute to the “poor and needy ” Valerie Will, a terrific activist in the Buffalo area, found hundreds of pounds of discarded deer flesh in the woods. Obviously the “hungry” weren’t that hungry! So much for their program. Photo by Valerie Will

One of our members, Bob DeFilippo, found many Canada geese in a public park dumpster. The dumpster was full of goose bodies, blood and a large amount of feathers. Bob sent two of the dead birds to Ward Stone, pathologist for the NYS DEC. Dr. Stone said they were full of shot. They were located in a park that was off-limits to hunting. Wildlife Watch will pursue this.


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