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Rocky grew up in a cage his entire life. As part of a relay, Wildlife Watch was able to get him to Foxwood. He’s now one happy boy who will be released in time.
Rocky’s photo Before/After photos by Anne Muller


It’s important to see the many perils facing individual wild animals in their daily existence. Some can be avoided by personal steps that we can take – others need to be resolved through education or lobbying for new laws.

Your additional contributions to R.O.C.K. will be shared between the wildlife rehabilitators, rehabilitation facilities, and Wildlife Watch and will be put into a separate bank account. Your support for this project will allow Wildlife Watch to continue to produce and mail what will, soon, become a separate brochure to educate the public about the “Do’s and Don’ts” of caring for wild animals, who sadly have to depend on us for their survival. In addition, your funding will aid those who work tirelessly at their own expense to provide medical, training, and hospice care to wild animals. Wildlife rehabilitators are licensed by state game agencies, yet they are given no other support, and they are not allowed to charge for their “services.” Wild animals cannot pay for their own care and don’t carry medical insurance. There are so few people who have dedicated their lives to this work that very few individual animals are fortunate enough to be found and helped. Sadly, animals often come to the attention of rehabbers when they are found by people who either don’t want them near the house or don’t know how to help them. When the DECs, DNRs or police are called, they normally recommend killing, and most veterinarians cannot take time from their busy schedules.

This poor little fox was shot in the face and left to die because he was eating someone’s garbage. He was cared for and sadly had to be euthanized at Foxwood..

The Wildlife Watch R.O.C.K. Project will help to fund the treatment, rehabilitation, or hospice care of wild animals. If you know of a wildlife rehabilitator or a facility in your area who might benefit from participating in our project, please put them in touch with us, or put us in touch with them. : wildwatch@verizon.net  or P.O. Box 562, New Paltz, NY 12561.

HELP US TO NATIONALIZE R.O.C.K.: If your Yellow Pages does not have a Wildlife Help number, please let us know, and we may be able to arrange for a “wildlife hotline” in your area Wildlife Watch is waiting to activate our National Hotline number 866-876-WILD. This line is not yet active. We will need your help to activate it. We will be happy to carry the advertising if there are at least two rehabilitators in your area who are willing and able to handle the calls that will come your way. Please indicate on our newly designed envelope any contribution to R.O.C.K separately. Your contribution for the R.O.C.K. Project will be shared with the rehabilitation center that is featured in each newsletter or brochure. Names are released only by permission of the facility. On a sad but true note: Wildlife Watch will only be able to continue this project if we receive funding.

Gratefully, for the wildlife! WILDLIFE WATCH, INC.


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