Pigeon Rescue

Wildlife Watch got a call from the Water Street Market management office that two pigeons appeared to be in bad condition on one of the levels of the outdoor center.

Wildlife Watch went over there with Sam who helps out in our office, and we were able to get one of the pigeons, the other was able to fly. We brought the pigeon to Carolyn Engle, an excellent wildlife rehabilitator in the New Paltz area. A day later, Carolyn received a call from someone who said a pigeon was hanging around outside a store. From the physical description, she realized it was the mate of the other and she went over to get him.

They now reside under a heat lamp in a large enclosure on Carolyn’s porch. Here’s one. Carolyn will assess their progress and release when it’s the right time. Meanwhile they are doing well and seem totally happy with the warmth and good grits. Carolyn believes they had been captive pigeons.


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