Peter’s Humor – Winter 2013

What is the difference between an intelligent hunter and Bigfoot?
A number of people claim to have seen Bigfoot.


In a small rural town, the hunting club was holding its monthly meeting. Just before they got started, Joe, the town’s only animal rights activist, ran to the front of the room, grabbed the mike, pointed to the right side of the room and declared, “You are nothing but a bunch of sadistic perverts!!!” He then pointed to the left side of the room and emphatically stated:

“You are bunch of totally misguided idiots!!!”

He then left the room in a huff.  At the next month’s meeting he repeated the same routine.
On the third occasion of the monthly meeting, after Joe had finished his pronouncements, one of the hunters stood up and said:

“I really resent that – I’m not an idiot!”

Joe was perplexed; so he asked him:

“But you’re a hunter aren’t you?”

“Yes, but I’m not an idiot,” replied the hunter.

Joe thought for a while and then pointed out, “In that case, you should be sitting with the perverts.”


What would you call a hunter with two brain cells?


Question on an exam in photo-journalism:
You are in the woods with a camera during hunting season to document what hunting is really like.  You see one hunter take aim at what appears to him to be a bear, but from your vantage point you see quite clearly that it is another hunter.

Should you use a wide-angle to show everyone’s position or a zoom for a close-up?


A hiker, an environmentalist, and a hunter were planning an extended trip on foot to scout out an area that they’d never visited. The hiker brought along a bottle of water, so they wouldn’t suffer from dehydration. The environmentalist brought some bags of nuts and raisins so they had something to eat.  The hunter brought along a car door so he could roll up the window if it got too hot.


What should you do when a hunter throws a pin at you?
Run like hell — he’s got a hand grenade in his mouth!

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