Peter’s Humor – WINTER 2007

Q: What is the difference between the Abominable Snowman and an intelligent hunter?

A: There are reports that the Abominable Snowman has been sighted.

Q: Why can’t hunters get jobs as elevator operators?

A: They can’t figure out the route.

A teacher came back to his class after taking a day off for the first day of hunting season. He enthusiastically extolled the joys of hunting to his class. After fifteen minutes he paused and asked. “How many of you plan to go hunting when you’re old enough to get a license?” Overwhelmed by the animated description, but mostly intimidated by the teacher, all except one boy raised their hands.

The teacher glowered at that student and yelled, “And why wouldn’t you go hunting?” He explained calmly that his parents were in the Animal Rights Movement and had made clear to him what an outrageously cruel practice hunting was; so he would never take part in anything that brutal.

By now the teacher was fuming, “Your parents told you that? What would you do if your parents were a bunch of totally misinformed idiots?”

Confidently, the boy replied, “Well, in that that case I’d probably be a hunter like you!”


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