Overheard in a hunting bar

“Why is it called tourist season if we’re not allowed to shoot them?”

A businessman and a banker went duck hunting; they rowed out to the middle of the lake in a small boat.

As a flock of ducks flew overhead they scrambled for their shotguns and capsized and sank the boat.

“I can’t swim,” cried the banker.

“Turn on your back and float and I will put my arms under you and carry you to shore,” responded the businessman.

After awhile the businessman got tired and said to the banker, “Can you float alone for a while?”

“I don’t understand you,” yelled the banker. “Here I am about to drown and you want to talk

There was an old hunter from Nebraska
Who went hunting up in Alaska
He froze off his butt
His gun went kaput
So what did he gain? – I ask ya

Thousands of years ago, there was a reining king who was an avid hunter. His subjects, however, were mostly Animal Rights advocates who were totally outraged by his behavior. They became so enraged over his persistent hunting that they overthrew the king ending his reign.

This marked the only time in history that a reign was called off, because of game.

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