Q: What do you call 10 hunters standing ear to ear at a bar?
A: A wind tunnel.

Q: What did the hunter do when he heard that 90% of accidents occur around the home?
A: He moved.

A hunting instructor wanted to teach his students about self-esteem, so he asked them to stand up if they thought they were stupid. Most stood up. The instructor was surprised. He didn’t think anyone would admit it, but he asked, “Why did you stand up?” They said it was because they thought they were stupid, but one sheepish man said, “I didn’t want to leave you standing up by yourself.”

One day, little Johnny was digging a large hole in his backyard. The next-door neighbor spotted him and decided to investigate. “Hello Johnny, what are you up to?” he asked. “My goldfish died and I’m gonna bury him,” Johnny replied. “That’s a really big hole for a goldfish, isn’t it?” asked the neighbor. “That’s because he’s inside your son.”


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