Peter’s Humor? – Spring 2011

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Anticipating a day of hunting, Joe gets up early, dresses quietly, puts on his long johns, thermal socks and heavy boots, grabs his gun and goes to the garage to warm up his truck and head down to his favorite hunting spot. As he backs his truck out of the garage, he discovers a torrential downpour; moreover there is snow and ice mixed in with the rain; the wind is blowing at over 50 miles per hour.

Very disappointed he makes the hard decision to forget about hunting this day. He puts his truck back into the garage; he quietly undresses and slips back into bed. Looking for some marital comfort to soothe his disappointment he cuddles up to his wife, and whispers, “Sweetie the weather out there is really terrible.” To which she sleepily replies, “Honey, can you believe my stupid husband is out there hunting in that weather?”


To increase license revenues the Fish and Game agencies in several states have decided to sell licenses to hunt trappers and trap hunters for sport. The following restrictions apply:

  • Any person with a valid small game hunting license may harvest trappers.
  • The taking of hunters with traps is permitted.
  • The use of beer cans and Jolly Rancher candy as bait is prohibited.
  • It shall be unlawful to shout, “Free Booze” for the purposes of hunting trappers.
  • It shall be unlawful to trap hunters within 200 yards of beer and liquor stores.

[Can YOU think of other rules and regs that should apply here? Just e-mail them  ].


As many hunting accidents involve hunters shooting their buddies due to mistaking them for turkeys — wouldn’t you think that anyone mistaken for a turkey is better off dead anyway?


A hunter who had recently married was very depressed and sulking in his favorite watering hole over his nasty in-laws. The bartender took pity on him, gave him a drink on the house and asked him to talk about his problems. He confided, “This is my third marriage and I still have the same in-laws.”


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