By Peter Muller, VP C.A.S.H.

A hunter went to a shopping mall wearing his camo-outfit with his hunting license on his back He entered an appliance store, approached the salesman and declared, “I’d like to buy this TV set.” The sales clerk took one look at him and told him politely but firmly, “I’m sorry but we don’t sell to hunters.”

The hunter went out to his car and changed into a pair of old overalls and an old jacket and went back to the store. He again approached the clerk asking to buy the TV set. The salesman, once again, rebuffed him with, “I’m sorry but we don’t sell to hunters.”

He figured that the clerk must have remembered him from before. He went home, showered, shaved, put on his dress shirt and his suit and went back to the store. This time he picked a saleslady and, putting on his best manner, he ventured, “I’d like to buy this TV set.” She gave him one disgusted look and dismissed him with, “We don’t sell to hunters.”

Totally dejected he asked her, “How did you know I’m a hunter?” She explained with a shrug, “That’s not a TV, it’s a drier.”

Did you hear about the daffy hunter who shot in the air?
He missed.

What’s five miles long and has an IQ of forty?
The annual Sportsmen’s Day parade.

How do you make a hunter’s eyes light up?
Shine a flashlight in his ear.

Two hunters were sitting at a bar in congratulatory mood. They kept toasting each other with “Here’s to the six months!” The bartender becomes curious and asks them, “What’s so special about the six months?” Proudly they explain, “Well, we’ve been spending all our time working on a jigsaw puzzle! And it said three to five years on the box, but we finished it in only six months!”


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