Peter’s Humor? – Fall 2010

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A woman was married to an annoying hunter named Steve. He would brag about his hunting constantly. One day he went to their creek to water his mule. He bragged so much that the mule got annoyed and kicked him to death.

At the funeral, when his fellow hunters walked by the wife and asked her something she nodded her head “yes.” When the hunters’ wives walked by and asked her something she shook her head “no.”

The undertaker became curious and asked “Why are you nodding your head “yes” for hunters and shaking your head “no” for their wives?”

She explained, “The men asked me if they can have Steve’s guns and ammo.
Their wives were asking me if the mule is for sale.”


Why did Arkansas have to introduce a special divorce law for hunters?

They wanted to establish it legally that when a hunter and his wife divorce they are still brother and sister notwithstanding their divorce.


Q- If a hunter and trapper were both drowning and you could save only one of them, would you go to lunch or file a dangerous condition report with the Army Corps of Engineers?.


There was an old hunter from Dallas
Who was always boorish and callous
He went out to kill game
But so poor was his aim
That he shot off his dysfunctional (guess)


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