Opposing Elk “Reintroduction”

Woodstock, NY Supervisor and Town Board member, Brian Shapiro, listening skeptically at Elk “reintroduction” pitch by the Elk Foundation. C.A.S.H. and Wildlife Watch were there to expose the so-called “conservation effort” as the sham it is.

C.A.S.H. attended the meeting at which an eastern division of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was trying to convince towns that Elk in the Catskills was a great idea. C.A.S.H. let them know that it’s a VERY BAD idea for the following reasons: Chronic Wasting Disease -Some elk have the equivalent of “mad cow disease” that can spread to ungulate and human populations here. Elk Car Collisions – Deer weigh about 100 lbs., elk weigh about 800 lbs.! If deer-car collisions are bad, what will elk-car collisions be like? Their “evidence” is that Elk lived in this region is questionable – some hunter said that he saw an elk over a hundred years ago. Duh! The reason they want to call it a “reintroduction” is so they are not accused of introducing an exotic species in the Catskills: Write to the Chambers of Commerce in the Catskill area to condemn this scheme. An Internet search will provide information. Check the Wildlife Watch and C.A.S.H. websites also: http://www.wildwatch.org   and http://www.all-creatures.org/cash

A pitch to Catskill Mountain Towns by the Elk Foundation to “reintroduce” elk to the region.


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